Survival Kit

by Joshua Stuck



In my quest to learn about primitive living skills and after reading about the frozen Ice Man, I decided to put together a little survival kit of my own. I wanted it to be small and sturdy so that I could just toss it in my bag and not worry about it getting banged around. I have debated about adding some items and also taking some things out, but this is what I have right now.

First, I took a gourd and cut off two oval sections that were the same size to use as my container. Like I said, I wanted something that was a bit stronger than just a leather bag. That way, the things inside could be protected. I would guess a large shell would work too. I then made a couple of holes in the gourd to lace a piece of leather though it so it would hinge and could be tied together.

Here is the kit with all of its contents packed together.

Inside I have the following items:

A coil of artificial sinew used for sewing, fishing line, bow drill or what ever else you may need cordage for. I do not have real sinew, but any thong of leather or fiber cordage could work as well.

A small shell to protect an antler needle and two fish hooks made from antlers that I learned how to make from the article called "Antler Fishing Hook" by Patrick McGlinchey on this website.

An Inuit style thimble that I learned how to make from the article called "Inuit Thimble" by Dick Baugh on this website. This can be used with the antler needle.

A steel and flint. The steel could be removed if you want to be really primitive, but the flint could be used for cutting or could be replaced with arrowheads.

A small shell with char cloth inside.

A Waterproof Fire Starter. You can learn how to make one of these from my article on this website.

A small section of antler. This was cut down to be used as a bearing block for the bow drill method.

Depending on your needs, skill level and the size you wish to make your survival kit, you could easily add items or take things out.




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