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Coiled basket made by Susan Labiste.
The weavers are split sedge rhizomes and redbud. The foundation material are willow stems.
© D. Labiste 2004



Hawaiian composite fishhook made by Dino Labiste. The materials are bone (cow), plant fiber cordage, and wood. Te Rangi Hiroa, who was the Director of the Bishop Museum from 1936 to 1951, noted that "A constant feature of the complete [Hawaiian composite] hooks was the use of small wooden wedges, driven in between the lashing and the hook to tighten up the lashing, which were used on both sides of the hook."
© D. Labiste 2004



Shooting a whistling arrow. As the arrow sailed into the sky, air passed through the 2 triangular vents in the gourd. This created a high pitched whistling sound as the arrow accelerated upwards and then downwards. Whistling arrows were utilized by ancient armies to signal their troops.
© D. Labiste 2004



Gourd bowls by Dino Labiste and Susan Labiste.
© D. Labiste 2005



Sawiy (Ohlone style tule baskets)
© D. Labiste 2005



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