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Beavertooth Tools no longer makes knives for sale via the website.
These are examples of knives that have been made and sold in the past.

This knife is razor sharp. It is made from high carbon steel, type 1095. The cutting edge is very hard, so it will stay sharp a long time. The color difference between the cutting edge and the back of the blade is due to differential tempering. The edge is left in a very hard state and the remainder of the knife is heat treated to increase its durability. The plain carbon steel that the blade is made from will rust if it gets damp. To prevent rusting, wipe the blade with an oily rag once in a while.


When you sharpen this knife, DON'T use a "crock stick" or any other type of round sharpening rod. Instead, use a fine whetstone or diamond hone which has been lubricated with either oil or water. The finer the sharpening stone, the sharper the edge will become. The reason I don't recommend sharpening rods is because they tend to make tiny nicks in the edge if too much pressure is applied when sharpening. Sharpening rods work well for the softer steel found in mass produced knives but not for this one. The edge is already beveled at the proper sharpening angle for wood carving. You can maintain that angle while sharpening by pressing down on the bevel with your finger nail when you sharpen.



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