Useful and Edible Plants of California (3)

DISCLAIMER: A website is insufficient to convey the knowledge a person needs to safely and responsibly use wild plants. Before eating or using any plant, seek hands-on field training with a qualified professional in the proper identification and use of wild plants.
Gather only what you need or use. You should leave more than enough for the plant to easily reproduce and grow.
Also know that gathering in State and National Parks and wildlife preserves may be detrimental and/or illegal. Be sure to get permission from the landowner of private property before gathering wild plants.

Oak_gall Oregon_grape Osage_orange Pineappleweed Poison_hemlock1_f
Oak gall Oregon grape Osage orange Pineappleweed Poison hemlock
Poison_oak Snowberry Soaproot Sticky_monkey_flower Stinging_nettle
Poison oak Snowberry Soaproot Sticky monkey flower Stinging nettle
Storkbill_f Sycamore Toyon Valley_oak Watercress
Storkbill Sycamore Toyon Valley oak Watercress
Western_redbud White_alder1 White_alder2 Wild_cucumber Wild_ginger
Western redbud White alder White alder Wild cucumber Wild ginger
Wild_grape Wild_radish1 Wild_radish2 Wild_rose Willow
Wild grape Wild radish Wild radish Wild rose Willow
Woodland_rose Wood_sorrel Yarrow Yerba_buena Yucca
Woodland rose Wood sorrel Yarrow Yerba buena Spanish bayonet

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