Flintknapping Videos

Flintknapping by Ken Peek
Video produced by Bob Gillis





Video 1: Knocking off a large blank flake


Video 2: Knapping a large flaked tool


Video 3: Finishing a hand tool - Part 1

Video 3: Finshing a hand tool - Part 2


Video 4: Making a flaked point - Part 1    

Video 4: Making a flaked point - Part 2  

Video 4: Making flaked point - Part 3


Types of rock that can be knapped or flaked to create tools.


Tools used in knapping flaked tools.


You can find obsidian by driving up to the Davis Creek area in Modoc County, California or to Glass Buttes, Oregon. Some areas may require getting a permit to gather obsidian. Research the web for directions and more specific information.
You can also buy obsidian from your local rock shop or gem and mineral store. Google "flintknapping" and check out some of the commercial sites to find vendors that sell obsidian. Access Craig Ratzat's webiste for obsidian at http://www.neolithics.com

NOTE: Knapping can cause serious harm to your body. Wear gloves and eye protection. Protect your legs and feet by keeping them covered. Always wear protective gear while knapping.
Work in a well ventilated area. Breathing obsidian dust or any stone dust can be hazardous to your health.



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