Fire by Chemical Reaction

by Bob Gillis and Dino Labiste



Although this fire making technique is not primitive technology, it is worth mentioning in terms of survival skills. Fire can be produce by chemical reaction using potassium permanganate mixed with antifreeze from a car radiator or glycerin. Potassium permanganate used to be found in first aid kits and was utilized as a mild antiseptic. Adding a few drops of antifreeze or glycerin to potassium permanganate will cause the mixture to instantaneously burst into flames.

CAUTION: If the chemical reaction is not successful, do not neglect the mixture because it may start to burn. Always dispose of any unsuccessful attempts by burying the mixture with sand and dirt, then pouring water on the spot. Bury any flammable materials that have been in contact with the chemicals. Also pour water on the buried materials.


Mixing potassium permanganate with antifreeze from an automobile radiator:


Mixing potassium permanganate with glycerin:



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