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Society of Primitive Technology

Primitive Skills Classes:

Native Tech:

Primitive technology items for sale:

Photos of the Rabbitstick Rendezvous and Winter Count (Society of Primitive Technology)

Food Insects Newsletter

Ainu - Japan's indigenous people

American Indians - Cultural Resources:

Oceania arts and crafts:|

Hawaiian Nets and Netting

The Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai'i

Saami - northern Scandinavia's indigenous people

Wayfinding, or Non-Instrument Navigation

Polynesian Wayfinding

Kite Fishing

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Bushcraft UK forum

PaleoPlanet forum

An adventure in animal tracking on-line

Scientific American magazine

Hawaiian Star Compass

Learn about Primitive Technologies from Tamara Wilder & Steven Edholm:

Bridges to the Past

Atlatls by Bob Perkins (BPS Engineering):

Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Inc. (BOSS)

Primitive Living Skills

Stone Age Skills by Storm

Lithic Casting Lab

The Yanomamo (also called Yanomami, and Yanomama)
are deep jungle Indians living in the Amazon basin in both Venezuela and Brazil


America's Stone Age Explorers


Dart-thrower Used in Columbia & Its Representation in Columbian art

California Charmstones

Archeaology in Texas

Emeryville Shellmound in California

Lake Titicaca Reed Boat Project

Soap Making

"Obsidian Is Hot Stuff" by Jim Miller

Primitive Living Skills at

NOVA Online: Anthropology

Braintanning in Germany by Markus Klek

NOVA Online: Becoming Human, Part 3

Woodcraft Wanderings

YouTube video: "Butchering Game with a Stone Knife"

Flintknapping Basics

Miwok Salt Basins

Ishi's Points

Flintknapping Demonstration by Dr. Bruce Bradley

Fire Making Tinder

15 YouTube Videos
Identifying Wild Edibles & Surviving Off the Land with Nathan Martinez
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Malaysian Traditional Technology

Carving a Fire Piston

World Flintknapping Rock Tour

Soda Bottle Fire Starting Method

Fishing with Spider Webs and a Kite


Faster Ways to Tie Useful Knots

Bamboo Hammock

"The Food Insects" Newsletter

Hawaiian Woods - Photos and Information

Samoan Culture

Klamath Style Yew Bow

Samurai Sword Cutting Skills (Part 1)

Samurai Sword Cutting Skills (Part 2)

Samurai Sword Cutting Skills (Part 3)

Samurai Sword Cutting Skills (Part 4)

Steel Forging Skills of Jesus Hernandez

Traditional Furnace of the Bidayuh in Semban, Sarawak (Borneo)

Parang I

Parang II

Parang III

Tropical Jungle Survival Skills and Southeast Asian Traditional Technology

"Balanced on a String" - String story by Doug Getgood

BBC video: Did Cooking Make Us Human?

Ray Mears Extreme Survival Videos

Ray Mears Bushscraft Videos (Season 1)

Ray Mears Bushcraft Videos (Season 2)

Ray Mears World of Survival (Season 1)

Ray Mears World of Survival (Season 2)

Persistent Hunting: Endurance Running Hypothesis

San People of the Kalahari Desert
Persistent Hunt: Running down your prey

A Case for Endurance Running

Culture Lost: Extinction by Assimulation Journeyman Pictures
Wrong Then, Wrong Now
Survival for Tribal Peoples

"Otzi the Iceman" 1993 Horizon Documentary on BBC
YouTube video 1 of 4
YouTube video 2 of 4
YouTube video 3 of 4
YouTube video 4 of 4

Forensic Investigation on the Death of Otzi the Iceman (YouTube video)

NOVA: Iceman Murder Mystery

Otzi the Iceman

Kalinga Culture: Several culturally related groups living in the province of Luzon, Philippines
YouTube segment on traditional bamboo musical instruments.

Naga Culture of Naga Land & Apatani Culture of Arunchal Pradesh

Land of the Gurkhas

Land of Dolpo

The Apa Tani

Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey

Light at the Edge of the World - The Wayfinders

Wade Davis: Cultures at the Far Edge of the World

Wade Davis: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

Betel Nut Chewing in Southeast Asia

Kimi Werner - Finding a Place in the Ecosystem

Lighting a Survival Fire with Urine

Mythology of Polynesia

Nowhere Else on Earth: Indigenous Plants of Hawaii

The Navigators: Pathfinders of the Pacific

Mohammed Bah Abba's Pot-in-pot invention (article)
Zeer Pot: Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator (YouTube)

Bamboo Bed & Platform

Uses of the Wool Blanket

Notching Arrowheads

Resources for the study of Palaeolithic / Paleolithic European, Russian and Australian Archaeology / Archeology

Necklaces and Bracelets Made From Seeds

Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Behavior

Genetics of Human Origins and Adaptation

Human Evolution and the Nature of Science

Homo Sapiens: The Birth of Humanity

Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire

Life in Ancient Egypt

Bow Staves Harvested from Juniper Trees by Indians of Nevada

Spider Silk

Coconut Frond Hat

Palm Frond Weaving to Thatch Roof

Mushroom Identificaton for Beginners

Knotless Netting Technique

Natural Pigments

Yakoana -The Voice of Indigenous Peoples

Notching Arrowheads

Making Fire with a Yucca Fire Saw

Fire Plow using Sotol and Yucca

Guide to Coconut Products

Ao, the Last Neanderthal

How to Make a Maquahuitl
Part I
Part II
Part III

Canoe Strokes and Control

Kimi Werner: "When You Feel the Need to Speed Up, Slow Down."

The Agricultural Revolution

Primitive Technology

Until the Sun Sets

Chief Oren Lyons (Featherkeeper of the Onondaga Nation): Importance of the Feathers & the Next Generation

Oren Lyons on the Indigenous View of the World

Everything You Need to Know About Finding and Purifying Water in the Wilderness

The Conference on Ancient Mesoamerican Obsidian Blade Production

Animal Gamblers



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